Pump DeparmentLegend Pump provides repair/sales to all of the following:

•Line shaft

•Submersible Turbine

•Line shaft boosters

•Centrifugal boosters

•Turbine boosters

•Horizontal boosters

•Pump engineering

•Split case pumps

Electrical Department We have an excellent team of electricians to provide service to the following:

•Boosters stations

•Lift stations

•Well sites


•Check valves

•Amiad filters

•Yardney filters

•Treatment plants

•Service in hydropneumatic systems

•Air compressors

•Motor protection devices

•Preventative maintenance programs

Water Well Rehabilitation

•Color video logs


•Caliper survey



•Wire brushing and bailing

•Acid treatment

•Test pumping

•Swabbing and airlifting

Machine Shop and Repair Facility




•Powder coating


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